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All Services

SB Pico White Laser

It is a non-ablative laser for pigmentation removal, acne scars, skin rejuvenation, brightening and tattoo removal.


Angel White Carbon Laser

Skin brightening laser treatment that utilizes white laser for breaking down dark spots, minimizes pores, and decreases oily skin by enhancing skin rejuvenation and promotes collagen production for healthier skin.

Intense Underarm Whitening

A four level underarm whitening treatment, composed of whitening scrub to remove dead skin, microdermabrasion to address chicken skin, organic bleaching mask for intense lightening effect and collagen mask to restore smooth and soft skin.

SB Diode Laser

It treats all specific types of unwanted hair with deeper penetration by destroying hair follicles resulting in a more effective treatment with less discomfort.

SB Intense Pulsed Light

It targets the roots by gently heating up the hair follicles to disrupt and damage the growth cycle preventing the hair from coming back.

Keloid Injection

an injection to flatten and shrink keloidal tissues.

Fraxella Resurfacing Laser

It is safe and effective fat dissolving injection treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area. It produces long lasting results.

SB Smart Lift

It involves radiofrequency needling for acne and other depressed scars. The microneedle works like a stamper in the skin.

Vampire Stemcell

A minimal invasive procedure that creates micro-opening and utilizes patient’s own blood processed to accumulate growth factors. The collected growth factor speeds up healing and enhances the regeneration of healthy skin cells thus creating better skin quality. This treatment helps lighten skin, refine skin texture, diminish scars and fine lines. This can be done with Microneedling.